1. collinstoons said: Is this an epub file or a pdf?

    It’s a DRM-free, no-strings-attached PDF. Download it, send it to all your friends, put it up on Pirate Bay… You’re free to enjoy it however you like!


  2. It’s been awesome to see the support everyone has given so far, but the way the Columbus College of Art and Design always backs its students, past and present, is continually encouraging. A huge thanks to my alma mater!


  3. Check out the Weinland Park Story Book, a community comics project featuring work by #CCADComics editors Colleen Clark and Dorian Lafferre!

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  5. The book itself is done! Finishing the cover, then posting the link to download on this here blog TOMORROW (June 1st).



  6. Back to work on the #ccadcomics anthology, making some minor adjustments to the final art before putting it in the book. Keep an eye out for Connor Brown’s excellent short, Wagner!

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  7. HELLO!

    Just saw a few new followers that I met at SPACE this year. On behalf of Colleen Clark, Connor Brown, Andrew Pena, and myself, I just wanna say that SPACE rocked and it was so much fun meeting you all! Props to Bob Corby for putting together another amazing show.

    Welcome to the CCAD Comics Anthology page. We’re still putting the final touches on designing the book, and it will see a digital release next month. Print copies should be available in June.

    The other contributors and I have been excited to put this together for a while, but seeing other people get excited too and start spreading the word is so awesome! We promise not to let y’all down. More updates to come on this blog!

    - Dorian

  8. dorianmuseum:

    Info cards for the #ccadcomics anthology coming your way! Get one at SPACE this weekend! (Card designed by @colleenclarkart)

  9. Ten glorious pages from John Malta’s excellent story The Professor and the Paperboy will be in the anthology!

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  10. spx:

    Yay Colleen! This is so great!

    We struggle with it every day: the conflict between our belief that women should celebrate their bodies and the constant public criticism of women’s appearances that communicates the exact opposite message. So when we came across this incredible comic drawn by Colleen Clark that deals with that ongoing battle, we had to share it.
    HuffPo — Colleen Clark’s Body Image Comic Reminds Us That Our Bodies Don’t Define Us

    Colleen has been gaining steam with her comics and illustrations exploring body image issues. Two of her short comics will be published for the first time in book form in our anthology, which she co-edited!